Governmental and private developers and owners of industrial projects have been giving us trust when it comes to challenging greenfield and expansion projects in Europe, Near and Middle East, Asia and Africa.

With Passion, Creativity And Commitment Around The World

With our knowledge and experience in project management consulting for industrial plant construction projects in
oil and gas refineries as well as bio-refineries
, we do what we really are good at.

Our international team of project directors, finance experts, government consultants, engineering, procurement and construction managers, process engineers as well as IT and industrial automation engineers does not only contribute know-how and experience from a number of onshore and offshore industrial plant construction projects realized during the past 40 years but also work with passion, creativity and commitment to make your project a successful business.

A number of projects gave us the chance to contribute our project management experience in countries such as Russia, Belarus, Greece, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, Indonesia and Mongolia.


And we never stop learning and developing ourselves. Because the world is changing every day - faster than ever. That is why topics like project management digitalisation and automation as well as finance 4.0 are essential part of our project management approach for the benefit of your project and business.

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Lars Reinhold

Member of the Board


Mr Lars Reinhold is project management professional in the industrial plant construction sector for the oil & gas and chemical industry. He has degree in International Business Administration and nearly 20 years of professional experience in controlling & finance. He has been specializing in commercial project management with focus on project controlling as well as trade, export and project finance.

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Manfred Deutsch

Member of the Board
(Project Management)

Mr Manfred Deutsch is a business and results oriented project management professional, with proven skills and abilities in strategic planning, business development, managing projects/multi projects operations, and improving efficiency by implementing effective work/project execution structures and processes. His experiences in project management for more than 40 years make him an essential part of Anexa.


What You Can Expect From Us


Project Management Consulting

For Contractors And Project Developers Around The World

For any project phase - from conceptual study to engineering and procurement to construction and commissioning -

Anexa provides project management teams as well as single project management team members 

such as project directors, project and finance managers, engineering, procurement and construction managers

helping you to develop and execute your project.

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Project Management

From project set-up to project close-out: We care for your project so that it will be implemented in time and budget, with expected quality and utmost security.

Finance Management

From trade, export and project finance to equity and mezzanine investments, with export credit agencies or private insurances - we know many varieties of investment and financing.

Engineering Management

We identify the right technology and 'translate' engineer's and developer's language for best technological and commercial results .


Procurement Management

Own procurement with a procurement manager instead of general contractor models is money saver number 1 for project developers and owners. And together with our finance programmes, our procurement management is an indispensable solution.

Construction Management

Along with the engineering and the supplies and services we procured we manage civil works and erection of the plant - in time, at budgeted cost and with the quality deserved.

Operation Management

Unlike an EPC contractor, mechanical completion and commissioning of a plant is just the beginning for us to make your project a successful business - with various models from plant operation to raw materials supply and product marketing.

Procurement & Finance

The Perfect Supplement To Our Project Management Consulting Services

Anexa provides 3 programmes for procurement and finance of capital goods, inventory and services in the framework of a project. Depending on the volume of the purchases, our micro, small or medium & large ticket finance programmes for any volume from €1 to €500m or more are applicable. The programms are available for complete greenfield or revamp projects, single equipment components or services. The same goes for our own project management consulting services which can be financed on a short, medium or long-term basis.


Medium & Large Ticket Procurement & Finance Programm

Finance Purchases of Capital Goods from Europe for Projects with Volumes from €5m to €500m

We procure and finance capital goods fabricated in Europe with volumes of €5m to €500m or even more.

This programm is ideal for complete greenfield or revamp projects with engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation of industrial plants like oil and gas refineries, biorefineries, chemical, biochemical or power plants.

This programm is financed by European banks and backed by European Export Credit Agencies. Financing is available for up to 100% of the EPC contract value depending on sourcing and collateral structure and with tenures of up to 10 years from date of mechanical completion or date of commissioning.

Small Ticket Procurement & Finance Programm

Finance Purchases of Capital Goods from Germany for Projects with Volumes from €100k to €5m

We procure and finance capital goods fabricated in Germany with volumes of €100k to €5m.

This programm is similar to the medium and large ticket procurement and finance programm but slim and quick in pre-audit and decision-making by our finance team. It is ideal for purchases of more or less standardized machinery and equipment or small complete plants.

This programm is financed by European banks and backed by German Export Credit Agency Euler Hermes. Financing is available for up to 100% of the procurement contract value and with tenures of up to 5 years after date of delivery.

Micro Ticket Procurement & Finance Programm

Finance Purchases of Goods and Inventory with Volumes of up to €100k 

We procure capital goods and non-capital goods being available from any supplier worldwide.

This programm is ideal to build or refill stocks or get any inventory being necessary for your business.

This programm is financed by private and institutional investors and backed by private insurances.

Financing is available for up to 80% of the procurement contract value and with tenures of up to 180 days after date of purchase order.



Sustainable Technologies For The Transition From Fossil To  Renewable Resources

Our mission is not only to support you in developing and managing your industrial projects

but also to provide technologies and engineering services that make you member in the league of pioneers

that actively form the transition from a fossil resources based economy to a bio-economy.

With our special know-how in renewable oil and fat processing which is technologically linked to the use of hydrogen,

oil-based bio-refineries and hydrogen infrastructure facilities are our specialties.


Technologies provided:

  • Hydrogenation

  • Esterification

  • Transesterification

  • Filtration

  • Tank Farm Technology


  • Transformation, refining, bleaching and deodorization of renewable oils and fats towards high-value products for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, detergents, bio-fuel, lubricants and materials industry​


  • Food producers

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Cosmetic products manufacturers

  • Producers of materials for paper, ink, paint and varnish products

  • Detergents producers

  • Bio fuel manufacturers

  • Lubricants manufacturers


Technologies provided:

  • High Pressure Hydrogen Storage

  • Hydrogen Conversion to Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC)


  • Usage and storage of surplus solar and wind energy for hydrogen production and subsequent conversion to LOHC for further use as fuel in LOHC fuel cells as well as as platform chemical in the chemical industry


  • Solar & Wind Power Plant Operators

  • Hydrogen producers

  • Chemical companies

Hydrogen Infrastructure

Oil-Based Bio-Refinery

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for project developers and investors in our Member Area.


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